NAS Failures can be NAS(TY)!

Nobody wants that kind of attitude in their LAN party!
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NAS Recoveries

NAS systems are a true deliverer for the need for data protection, and the the ingenuity that went into the intial design and implimentation in the effort to protect your data and to combine multiple Hard Drive Disks into one massive Volume/Partition. Unfortunetely, the larger the Volume/Partition, the more data gets lost with a single logical or multiple physical disk failures. This can cause a single recovery to be 10x worse than a single drive failure!

NAS recoveries, like RAID recoveries, are generally the result of a single or multiple disk failure within a NAS system that results in the loss of data. Although more expensive than a single disk array, we actually do not charge a "NAS Reassembly" Fee or anything of that nature. We only charge the number of disks the recovery requires to create a successful resolution. In most cases, only 3 of the 4 4-Bay NAS HDDs are needed, and the scope of work is significantly cheaper than charging for all 4 drives.

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NAS Recovery Expectations

NAS recoveries are logically very complex, with multiple Parity Types, Parity Rotation, Sector Sizing, HDD order of sequence, and other combined variables being required for a successful NAS based RAID rebuild. Although through testing many of these variables can be determined, we may need some information about your NAS to determine likely variables that may not be detected during testing.

With multiple failed disks within a NAS System, each individual Hard Disk Drive will need to be diagnosed and (if needed) repaired to provide as many NAS HDD members as possible to prepare for the NAS-Based RAID rebuild. If there are not enough functional NAS HDD members available, the NAS recovery will simply not be a success. Generally, for each 4 Hard Disk Members in a NAS, 3 are required to be functional for recovery.

Lastly, please be advised that some recoveries may be thwarted or rendered unrecoverable even if there are enough NAS HDD members present, as some variables may not be detected or determined though our testing. If we are unsuccessful, there is no charge for the labor or work provided!

Some NAS Recovery Highlights

  • Synology / Buffalo / WD / Apple
  • RAID 0 / RAID 5 / RAID 6 /RAID 10
  • Afforable and Fair Billing
  • PC-3000 System
How are NAS recoveries billed?

We bill based on the number of hard drives required for the rebuilding of the NAS, at the regular HDD rate ($499, Discounts are available). For instance, if a NAS-Based RAID 5 is being recovered that contains 4 Hard Disk NAS members, but we can recover data with only 3 of the drives functional, we will only charge for 3 HDD recoveries instead of all 4 HDDs. In addition, there are NO NAS Reassembly Fees.

What will my NAS recovery look like (File Explorer Viewpoint)?

As NAS systems are governed by an operating system that may contain 100,000s of files and can be lengthy to recover without any additional benefit to the user, only the User File Directories will be saved during the recovery process. This enables a faster delivery of your data, and less space required on the transfer drive containing your recovered data. If system files are needed, simply let us know and we will be happy to accomodate your request!

Do you provide decryption for an Encrypted NAS?

Generally, Yes, at no additional cost. However, if your decryption will take the assistance of a 3rd party company to facilitate decryption, there will be an $49 fee (Per NAS Member) added to the recovery process as more time is taken by a technician to correspond, troubleshoot, and facilitate instructions by the 3rd party security company. We will always get your approval to authorize this additional scope of work.

What if there are not enough functional NAS Members for a NAS rebuild?

If we cannot bring enough NAS members to being in a functional state, there is no charge from us at all! We will need to determine the likely damage and we are happy to forward your drive to another clean room if you would like. You can also opt into a Clean Room Inspection if our technician believes it would be beneficial ($99 per CRI). This can save you up to $3,000 on your NAS recovery!

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