HI Recoverys' 15 Steps to Recovery Success

Nobody said it was easy, but its the right way to do it!
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Getting the Device To Our Recovery Lab

Submit your Recovery

Utilize our EZ-Navigation Wizard to easily submit your Data Recovery within minutes, starting the recovery process.

Ship Your Device

Using your FREE provided shipping label, pack your device and ship with USPS Medium Flat Rate Box to our Lab for diagnostics.

Track Your Recovery

Log into our tracking system to easily track your recovery, approve advanced tasks, and review Clean Room bids.

Our Diagnostic Overview

Initial Power On

We power on the device usinsg a powerful PC-3000 to determine if there are hardware malfunctions that would cease recovery efforts.

If No Major Concerns Exist...

We begin the search for Firmware or Logical Failures that may hinder recovery efforts or be the culprit to restricting data access.

Once the FW and LF are resolved...

We proceed to develop a plan of action for your data recovery by examining the file system for viable data to recover.

Recovering Your Data

The Search for Encryption

Utilizing "Encryption Search" methods, we search the drive for encryption that may hinder recovery of your data.

Partition/Volume Discovery

We scan and locate viable Partitions and Volumes containing viable data, and analyze the results.

Alas, Your Data has been Found

We begin the extraction of your data from the failed storage medium and monitor for critical failures.

Recovery Extraction Complete

Testing the Data

With your permission, we scan the data for abnormalities and determine how much data we recovered is actually viable for use.

Developing a File Listing

A File Listing is created for your review to show you what was recovered, so you know exactly what to expect.

Invoicing for the Recovery

A Recovery Invoice is generated with all applicable discounts added to the Invoice, and is sent via email to you.

Getting Your Data Back To You

Transferring Your Data

Once the Invoice is fulfilled, we begin the transfer of your data onto a new (or supplied) Transfer Drive for easy shipment to you.

Transfer Verification

Once the Transfer is completed, we analyze the transfer to ensure that the transfer was entirely successful.

Its On Its Way To You!

We package the original device and the new (or supplied) transfer drive and mail it via USPS to your preffered location. Easy!

Balanced Pricing

Our Flat Rate Pricing makes it easy to know how much your recovery will be, and is based on "How Much is it worth", not "How Much are you willing to pay?".

Consistent Email Updates

We consistently email you with updates to ensure that you are up-to-speed on the latest developments with your recovery. Be in the Know!

Innovative Approaches

We use multiple industry standard software and hardware systems to maximize the success of your recovery. Dozens of them, built for your success.

Lightning Fast Recoveries

We want our clients to have their data back fast, and we work as fast as possible! Some recoveries are done in a few days!

Customer Satisfaction Driven

Did you know we have 5 stars on both Google AND Yelp? Our clients are super satisfied with our work, its the best compliment!

A Day To Remember!

This experience of Data Recovery should be a good memory, not a nightmare. We add the sunshine to this dark life event!

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