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SD Card Recoveries

Lets face it, the smaller data storage becomes, the more flimsy it becomes. Without the extra space for reinforcement, damage can occur with non-delicate handling. Luckily, we have just the systems for that! With Micro-Soldering under a 220x microscope and a PC-3000 system specifically designed for damaged SD cards, our SD card recoveries are better than ever, allowing us to repair and fix SD cards with extensive damage. We can't fix all SD card damage, but we can recover from extensive damage caused by mishandling.

Our system allows us to expose the connection points on the side face of the SD card and utilize micro connection pins to read data from areas that may have a severed connection. This type of recovery is generally conducted on SD cards that have been bent or broken, severing connection between critical areas that must communicate for the SD card to function properly.

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SD Card Recovery Expectations

With SD Cards, its important to understand that if the SD card is bent as the reason for recovery, the degree of bend in the SD card directly reflects the ability to recover it. As the SD Card Bends, it will sever the layers of silicone, and the "Traces" or bridges between SD Card areas. The more traces that are broken, the less likely recovery will be on this device.

Utilizing our Ace Labs PC-3000 Flash System, we are able to bridge the gaps between the broken traces, and recompile a virtual logic board on our recovery systems, allowing us to go further than a standard computer repair shop. The SD Card broad side must be exposed to do so, resulting in permanent modification to the chip. Only 2 solder points are utilized in the recovery proccess, and are temporary.

Lastly, please be advised that some recoveries may be thwarted or rendered unrecoverable due to physical damage despite our best efforts. If we are unsuccessful, there is no charge for the labor or work provided!

Some SD Card Recovery Highlights

  • SD Card/Micro SD Card
  • Bent Card / Firmware Failure
  • Afforable and Fair Billing
  • PC-3000 Flash System
How are SD Card recoveries billed?

Like all recoveries, we only charge if we are successful in your recovery, and with SD Cards the rate is $299. We also offer significant discounts for Military (Active/Reserve/Guard, Veterans, Police, Firefighters, EMT, Teachers, and Students.

Can you repair a "Split" or completely cracked SD Card?

Honestly, the more bent it is, or if it is completely cracked, the chances of recovery are almost none. ALthough we are happy to try, it is often a futile effort if the SD Card is in 2 pieces. Power to the entire SD card is needed, and if the power cannot be delivered to the 2nd section of the SD card, it is often not possible to recover.

Do you provide decryption for an Encrypted SD Card?

Generally, Yes, at no additional cost. However, if your decryption will take the assistance of a 3rd party company to facilitate decryption, there will be an $49 fee (Per SD Card) added to the recovery process as more time is taken by a technician to correspond, troubleshoot, and facilitate instructions by the 3rd party security company. We will always get your approval to authorize this additional scope of work.

How will I get my data returned?

Most SD Card recoveries have a small amount of data recovered as SD cards generally do not fit a large amount of data. With this in mind, most SD Card recoveries will fit onto a single USB Flash Drive which is provided At-cost if one is not provided by you with your SD Card needing recovered.

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