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USB Drive Recoveries

USB Drives are an integral part of our daily lives, transferring data from one computer to another, storing data for long periods of time, or simply as a temporary storage solution for various needs. Unfortunetely, USB Drives are volatile and can lose data for dozens of reasons.

USB Drives can be subject to Physical Damage, Firmware Damage, or File corruption which leads to a multi-stage approach to the recovery process. Most of our clients simply had the drive plugged in, and a blunt force to the USB drive caused connection issues from the USB connector to the main logic board. However, more severe recoveries with chip damage have been known to happen as well. Relax, we've got you covered!

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USB Drive Recovery Expectations

Almost all USB Drive recoveries take a large amount of Micro-Soldering, requiring pinpoint high heat under a 220x microscope, and some in some cases, the damage may be in areas that micro-soldering, reflowing, or other methods simply cannot resolve. Although we can do Chip-Off recoveries, we generally try to ensure that removing microchips from a logic board is not required.

Like most recoveries, the simpler the problem, the more likely it is that a successful recovery will be the outcome. There are often 100's of components almost too small to see with the naked eye, and this microscopic work is very risky. As with all recoveries, we will try our hardest to get your critical data back for you in a timely manner, however these recoveries may take exceptionally longer due to the intensive diagnostics required.

Lastly, please be advised that some recoveries may be thwarted or rendered unrecoverable even if the Chip-Off method is employed, if the critical microchips are damaged by excessive water damage or heat damage caused by logicboard shorting. No recovery is guaranteed to be a success considering the infinitely broad array of possible issues.

Some USB Recovery Highlights

  • 220x Microsoldering Capabilities
  • Reflow Capabilities
  • Chip-Off Capabilities
  • PC-3000 Flash System
How complex is a "Broken USB Connector" Recovery

The majority of USB drives that we recieve actually have this issue. The scenario is that a client has their USB Drive plugged in, and it gets physically hit or knocked while plugged in. Some of these recoveries actually warp or damage the logic board itself, which complicates recoveries, however many of these recoveries are successful and generally fast.

What should I know about USB Drive Water Damage?

Do NOT plug in a USB drive that has water damage as it may still contain humidity or liquid inside its case. Even if the USB Drive logic board is dry, leftover sediment (like salt) may exist that can result in logic board shorting, which may damage components and complicate recovery efforts. Our Industrial Ultrasonic cleaner can effectively clean the logic board and mitigate the risk of shorting.

Is there an additional fee for Encrypted USB recoveries?

Generally, No. However, if your decryption will take the assistance of a 3rd party company to facilitate decryption, there will be an $99 fee added to the recovery process as more time is taken by a technician to correspond, troubleshoot, and facilitate instructions by the 3rd party security company. We will always get your approval to authorize this additional scope of work.

My USB Drive gets really Hot, and isn't recognizing on the computer...

STOP and immediately unplug the USB Drive! This is an indicator of the USB drive "Shorting" whereas the heat is being generated due to a faulty complete circuit by power halting in an area it is not supposed too, or power being delivered to an area that is not supposed to recieve that much power. Shorting can result in irrecoverable damage!

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