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We are small team of young & passionate travelers.
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US Army Values as HI Recovery Policy

As a dedicated group of Data Recovery Technicians with a history in the US Military, we strived to create a company that instilled the values we uphold and proudly maintain. All of the US Army core values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage and Transparency make the basis of our professional conduct. We aim to be a company that you can respect and can refer to your friends and family through our steadfast nature, attention to detail, and overall integrity of our policies and communication with you.

We dont hide anything from our clients, or make excuses for delays or issues. If we come across an issue we cannot resolve, we will be the first to tell you. Your trust and confidence in something as hard as data recovery is paramount, and the recovery of your data is our number one concern even if it is not with us. We are proud of our company, and we hope you can experience why!

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Passion About Your Recovery

Our focus has always been to provide a service that makes sense to the consumer. Data recovery is always sudden, and the risk of losing your hard work, family photos, or memories can be a tough and complicated ordeal. With our desire and dedication to our clients, we are constantly improving our services to provide a revolutionary experience reinforced with trust, transparency, integrity, and professional honor. We take pride in having a company designed with the consumer in mind.

Our other focus is to create a network of IT Shops within the US that can have a reliable and cost effective solution for their clients when Data Recovery is needed. Partnering with HI Recovery is easy, fast, and free, allowing for a resource to expand that capabilities of our shop partners through outsourcing thier more complex recoveries to us. We offer discounts to our partners and clients alike, specifically for Active/Guard/Reserve/Retired Military, Police, EMS/EMT, Firefighters, Teachers, and Students!

Some Highlights

  • Reinforced by US Army Values
  • Trusted by 1200+ IT Shops
  • Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Dedicated to Recovery Excellence


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Company Improvements

How Did HI Recovery get Started?

We started in 2017 in an effort to combat the high data recovery pricing in the industry by developing a different type of recovery service: Pre-Cleanroom. Our services focus on client recoveries that do not need cleanroom services, allowing for our clients to avoid clean room pricing. Easy, and simple.

How many locations does HI Recovery LLC have?

We currently have 2 locations, our Primary Recovery Lab being in Hawaii, USA and our newest Recover Lab location in Vine Grove, KY. We are expecting to launch another location in 2020 in Wilsonville, OR. The more locations we have, the faster our services will become!

Why not charge industry rates?

We see data recovery from our clients perspective. Data Recovery is expensive, time consuming, and always sudden. Not everyone has $1,200 - $3,000 ready to spend on a recovery, and so we want to ensure that we charge based on what its worth, not what we can get away with. Our different Recovery Lab style reduces our costs, and the savings are passed along to our clients!

Why do we focus on IT Shop Partners?

Not every recovery needs to come straight to us. In fact, most recoveries can be handled at a lower cost through your local IT Shop. By focusing on building IT Shop partnerships, we can ensure that client drives being sent to us already had the chance to be recovered at a lower rate. Integrity and Respect at its finest, by ensuring our clients hard earned money is saved where possible.

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