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Cell Phone Recoveries

Cell phones are an integral part of our lives, but sometimes disaster strikes when least expected. Cell Phone recoveries are often due to Water Damage, Blunt Force Impact, or even just an accidental deletion of your critical documents or photos. We got you covered!

We utilize equipment such as a Micro-Soldering station, Ultrasonic cleaners, and even a Chip-off system to recover the data from your smart phone, all while maintaining the integrity of your critical phone components. We can recover from Android and iPhone platforms, however we are limited by the password lockouts. If you do not have the password to your device, we will not assist with the recovery for privacy, security, and legal reasons.

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Cell Phone Recovery Expectations

We will try our hardest to recover your cell phone, however there are some considerations worth mentioning for your recovery success. First, a password must be provided to unlock the device. We will NOT attempt recoveries on cell phones without a provided password for privacy, security, and legal reasons.

If your phone is water damaged, DO NOT turn it on! Turning on your device may cause "Shorting" which can cause irreverible damage to components within your phone. Our ultrasonic cleaners will clean the device and prepare it for recovery. If parts need to be ordered for your cell phone, it will be added to the cost of the recovery.

Lastly, please be advised that some phones may not be useable after recovery. Depending on the type of damage, continued use of your cell phone may result in unforeseen issues or potential risks. A technician will advise if the phone is ready for continued use after a recovery.

Some Cell Recovery Highlights

  • Water Damage
  • Blunt Force / Impact
  • Damaged Components
  • Client must provide password
Do you conduct "Chip Off" Recoveries?

Yes! We utilize Ace Lab PC-3000 series tools allowing us to perform Chip-Off recoveries by removing the storage chips and reading them independently of the device. This is not available for all devices, however.

What should I know about Water Damage?

Water damage is very common, however the "Rice" or "Hot Air" tricks to repair can leave behind sediment that can cause electrical "Shorting", further damaging your device. When in doubt, send it out (To us or another qualified lab) to prevent further recovery issues.

How much is a Cell Phone Recovery?

A Cell Phone Recovery is at a flat rate of $299, however if we are unsuccessful there are no charges (including shipping). We offer discounts up to 20% for qualifying individuals and companies to lighten the financial burden of data recovery. Any parts needing to be ordered will be added to that price, but only after your approval.

Can I use my phone after recovery?

Honestly it depends on a wide array of variables. A Recovery Technician will be able to answer those questions on a Case-By-Case basis. As an expecation builder, we generally do not recommend the continued use of a phone after recovery for various risks relating to the initial damage.

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