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Pre-Cleanroom Diagnostics

Not every device needs extensive Cleanroom servicing to complete a data recovery, but labor costs are higher elsewhere due to increased capabilities. Our focus for data recovery is to ensure that we can recover drives not needing clean room services, and forward drives that do. This results in a lower labor cost for you, saving you up to $1,000 on your recovery!

We utilize incredibly powerful hardware and software tools from Ace Labs, called a PC-3000 system. This system allows our technicians to perform almost all Pre-cleanroom procedures to accomodate the ~80% of drives that do not need clean room services to recover data.

Built for the Consumer

We start by examining the hard drive for common issues, normally relating to the hardware, software, or firmware within the drive. Complex issues can form within the drive as a result of "bugs", self-maintaining corrections, or even manufactures drive lock-outs or encryption. Our Ace Labs systes can resolve almost all of these issues!

If your drive is unrecoverable at our location, we can forward your drive to a full service cleanroom, with or without a Clean Room Inspection report (CRI) A CRI report can show the exact damage or issues within the drive, enabling other clean room labs to guage a better estimate for recovery, and with multiple bids, you can find the lowest price for your recovery. Our dedicated proccess can save you up to $1000!

Service Highlights

  • Expeditious Diagnostics
  • over 1,200 IT Shop Partners
  • Powerful Ace Labs Systems
  • Veteran Owned and Operated

Clean Room Inspection (CRI) Report

Our optional Clean Room Inspection report is a report designed for you and for other full-service Clean Rooms. Our CRIs are built as we inspect your hard drive in the clean room, reserved for hard drives that are not recoverable at our location. Built on the concept of "All frustration is a result of a lack of understanding", our reports annotate hundreds of inspections, and is paired with photos of the inside of your drive with annotated damage.

Our CRIs can assist with understanding the complexity of your recovery, if it is or is not recoverable, and what the expectations should be when it is sent to another clean room. Most importantly, it can assist with ensuring that you get the lowest price with other clean rooms by enabling a more educated quote based on our inspection of the condition of your hard drive.
CRI Cost: $99 (Optional Service, Non-required)

Some CRI Highlights

  • Incredibly Detailed
  • Annotated Photos
  • Enables accurate quotes
  • Increases understanding and closure
What does HDD recovery cost?

Our pricing is significantly lower than most of the industry, at $499 per Hard Drive/M.2 recovery. For other recoveries (Cell Phone, Flash USB, SD Card), we offer a low service cost of $299. There is no charge if we are not able to recover your drive (Unless a CRI is requested).

What Discounts are offered?

We offer discounts to Military (Active, Reserve, and Guard), Veterans, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Students, Public Institution Instructors (Teachers), IT Technical Shops, and more! Our discounts range from 10% - 20% depending on the qualified discount. Proper ID or documentation is required for discounts.

What if the drive is unrecoverable?

We do NOT charge any fees for a unsuccessful recovery unless a CRI is requested. When a CRI is requested, we can also broker on your behalf to request quotes from other Clean Rooms and attempt to get you the lowest price possible. If a CRI is not requested, the shipping and diagnostics are FREE!

How long does the diagnostics take?

Shipping to our lab is covered by us, and can usually take 2-3 days. Once recieved, our diagnostics is generally conducted the same day as arrival, or the following day. Most of our clients get a diagnostic result within the same week, enabling a quick answer and recovery if possible.

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