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How much is each recovery?

Our Flat Rate makes it easy! If we are successful in recoverin gyour data, it is $499 for Hard Drives & M.2 drives, and only $299 fro SD Cards, Flash Drives, and Cell Phones. RAID systems are $499 per drive, using the minimal number of drives needed. 20% discounts are also available!

What Discounts are Available?

We offer discounts to try and reduce our own pricing.
20% discounts: Active/Reserve/Guard Military, Veterans, Police, EMS/EMT, and Firefighters.
10% discounts: Full-Time Students, Teachers/Public Educational Institution Instructors

20% discount: IT Tech Shop (Break/fix) Partners

How long does this process take?

Shipping is usually 2-3 days, and we cover the shipping costs. Once the device arrives at our lab, most diagnostics are conducted same-day or the following day. If recoverable, most recoveries are completed within 2 - 4 days. We also cover return shipping!

Can you decrypt an encrypted drive?

In most situations, yes! There are some proprietary encryption softwares that do not allow for remote decryption (requires the original PC), however these proprietary encryptions are pretty rare. Encryption can be tricky, but we have extensive experience with it!

What is our focus?

Our focus is to provide data recovery at a inexpensive rate, with expeditious results, for the sake of the consumer. Not everyone can afford $1,200 or $2,000 for a data recovery, and we understand that! Our process and recovery methods allow us to recover it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently, but without full clean-room servicing. THis means that although we dont recover every type of damage, if it significantly cheaper for those that we can recover.

What makes you different?

We utilize Ace Labs systems, called PC-3000, which are incredibly powerful recovery systems. Ace Labs is renowned for their research and development, and is an industry standard among data recovery labs. Our technicians are extensively trained and knowledgable in their systems, leading to a pair (Powerful Equipment and Knowledgable technicians) destined for success.

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