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Hard Drive Recoveries

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are storage mediums that employ multiple metallic coated disks (Platters) that write and read your data using "Heads". These types of hard drives are more economical than Solid State Drives or M.2 drives, leading them to be in more laptops and desktops. If a client wanted to go for maximum space per dollar spent, they would most liekly use a Hard Disk Drive. Most likely, at least one of your computers (if not all) use Hard Disk Drives.

Hard Disk Drives can be subject to Physical Damage, Firmware Damage, or File corruption which leads to a multi-stage approach to the recovery process. Since Hard Disk Drive "Platters" are very fragile, a simple drop from a desk to a floor, intense movement of the drive during operation, or even normal wear and tear can cause catastrauphic failures that can severely diminish recovery chances. Luckily, we have patented Clean Room Inspection (CRI) Reports that are exclusive to HI Recovery that can show the internal damage with photos and automated results based on inspection criteria.

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Hard Disk Drive Recovery Expectations

Hard Disk Drives are the most common recovery type that we get at HI Recovery LLC, leading to it being the most commonly performed tasks. As a more practiced task, our PC-3000 systems are better geared for the thousands of possible issues your drive may be experiencing. Please ensure that you perform as little diagnostic procedures as possible prior to sending it to us, as routine powering on of the drive during diagnostics may result in critical damage to the platters, which cannot be repaired.

WARNING: If your drive is making any clicking, scratching, scraping, or high-pitched noises, DO NOT power it back on! These sounds are often caused by the "Heads" (Responsible for Reading & Writing your data) scratching into the "Platters" (Where your data is actually stored) and can result in rendering your drive irrecoverable. If these sounds exist, please ensure to let us or any other lab know when you submit your drive, so additional precautions can be employed to prevent any additional damage to the drive.

Lastly, please keep in mind that we are a Pre-Cleanroom Lab and no longer a Full-Service Cleanroom Lab. This enables us to have much lower pricing than traditional Full-Service Clean Rooms by reducing the labor requirements for each drive, and the cost of additional Hard Disk Drive internal replacement parts. We can perform a Clean Room Inspection to show you the damage within the drive, however only about 20% of the HDDs we recieve need replacement parts or Full-Service Clean Room services.

Some HDD Recovery Highlights

  • 82% Success Rate Locally
  • Significantly Lower Pricing
  • Exclusive CRI Reports Available
  • Firmware/Software/Limited Hardware
Why would I choose a Pre-Cleanroom Vs. Full-Service Cleanroom?

Fast Answer: Pricing and Return Times. As we do not dedicate 30 hours per drive as a Full-Service Cleanroom, and do not have the need to purchase Donor Drives or other internal HDD replacement parts, we can offer significantly lower pricing than our Full-Service Cleanroom counterparts. Choosing HI Recovery can save you potentially up to $1,500! Most clients see a difference of about $1,000 in pricing (As reported by clients), making HI Recovery a worthwhile "shot" or chance that we can recover your data without needing to escalate it to a Full-Service Clean Room.

Do You Recover from Water Damage/Fire Damage/PCB Damage?

Yes, but with limitations as our Cleanroom capabilities are limited. As most Hard Disk Drives are sealed with a gasket, most water damaged drives are limited to the Printed Circuit Board being damaged. For Fire Damage, if the drive was not involved in a major fire, we can assist with the recovery. For PCB damage, there is only 1 microchip that needs to be intact (U12 Chip), and we can order a PCB replacement and conduct a ROM Chip Swap to the new PCB. At the least, it is worth the potential to save up to $1,000 to see if we can accomodate your recovery!

What is the worst case scenario?

Almost all Irrecoverable HDD cases are a result of moderate to severe "Platter" damage, which is the damage to the Hard Drive Disks that is responsible for the storing of your data. If the Platters become damaged, it is impossible to repair as each speck of dust that derived from the platters contains a portion of your data. If you hear Scraping, Scratching, Screeching, or Clicking fom the drive while it is powered on, TURN OFF THE DRIVE ASAP!!! Please ensure to let us or another Data Recovery Lab know that these sounds exist to prevent possible further damage to the platters.

What if you cant recover my data?

If we cannot recover your data, there is no charges from HI Recovery at all. We do offer a Clean Room Inspection (CRI) ($99) that allows us to use our exclusive software (Developed by HI Recovery LLC) to perform a complete internal inspection of the Hard Disk Drive to determine what type of damage exists, and the likely recovery outcome when sent to another Full-Service Clean Room Lab. Also, our reports are so detailed, that another cleanroom lab can give a much more accurate estimate as to their price for your recovery. We can send this out to several cleanrooms to get you the best price, potentially saving you up to $1,000!

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