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No confusing variable pricing! Flat Rate regardless of complexity or data size recovered!
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FREE Diagnostics

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  • Physical Inspection
  • Firmware Diagnostic
  • Service Area Diagnostic
  • Volume Diagnostic
  • File Integrity Diagnostic
  • Printed Circuit Board Diagnostic
$600 /device

$299 /device

USB / SD / CIF / Cell Phone Recoveries

  • Logical Recoveries
  • File Recoveries
  • Damaged Data Recoveries
  • Volume Recoveries
  • PCB Repair
  • Discounts Available
When does the Flat-Rate Fee occur?

Our Flat-Rates are only billed when we are successful with your recovery, and youll never get an invoice from us if we do not recover the data you are looking for! Integrity and Fair Service, cornerstones of our company.

How do I know im truly getting the best price?

We always encourage our clients to shop around, and see for themselves! We have been in the industry for quite some time, and are confident in our pricing being unmatched! Transparency, a HI Recovery initiative.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, and without having to explain why! We understand that some recoveries may not be perfect, life throws curveballs, and financial issues can occur without notice. Regardless of the reason, your welcome to cancel at any time! Respect and Selfless Service, raising the bar in expectations.

What happens after the diagnostic?

We will recover the data, if available, and provide a file listing for your review. If the file listing shows the data you are looking for, we will prepare your data onto a new external drive (provided at-cost) and deliver the data to you after the invoice has been fulfilled. If we are unable to recover the data, we can conduct a Clean Room Inspection ($99), and ask Clean Rooms to bid on your advanced recovery to find the lowest price! Loyalty and Duty, values instilled for your benefit.

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